At HLC.ME, we want your home decor to say “.me”. Since the beginning, we’ve provided customers with the variety that reflects their unique personalities. 
Our founding family has over 20 years of experience in the textile industry. Inspired by this proud history, our leaders have taken up their family’s legacy and have transformed HLC.ME into an eCommerce business. Why? Because it gives us a direct line of communication with you.Thanks to your quality feedback, we’re able to tailor our products to better suit your needs of customization, comfort, and choice. 
Our catalogue spans 600 listings and counting, with eye-catching designs that come in a greater variety than anywhere else. Experience has shown us the patterns that people have always loved. So, we expand on the tried and true to create a look that’s fresh and vibrant, while still holding on to that timeless, classic charm. 
But great style needs even greater substance. From the first touch, we want customers to feel the expert craftsmanship that’s woven into each of our products. And as with our designs, you have no shortage of choice. We’ve mastered techniques that range from embroidery to embossing, giving you the creative control to not only stamp your rooms with the right look, but also the right feel. 
Your home projects your individuality. When you open your curtains in the morning, or settle in for an evening of relaxation, you want to view your surroundings with the satisfaction of knowing “This is me.” For any and all of your needs related to home goods, make your home HLC.ME