Damask Print 100% Full Blackout Curtains | Noise Reducing, Room Darkening Grommet Privacy Curtains - Set of 2

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With a wide range of window treatments to choose from, it's always a challenge to pick the right curtains that will not only add style to your home but will also function in so many ways.

HLC.ME Eclipse Blackout Curtains are best installed in the living room, dining room, bedroom, nursery or any room where you need:

  • Room darkening. Block light from the sun or street lamps up to 100% so you can enjoy restful sleep or glare-free TV viewing in the day or night.
  • Noise reduction. Muffle sound up to 40% inside and outside of your home so you can sleep or work better in a quieter environment.
  • Lower utility bills. Reduce your heating and cooling costs with thermal curtains that keep the draft out and the heat in during winter, and protect your home from the heat during summer.
  • Window privacy. Change clothes, sleep or move around the house with ease, knowing that passersby can't see through or listen in on private conversations.

The tri-weave design in our curtain set features three layers of high density polyester fabric woven together to form a seamless panel.

EASY INSTALL: Each set contains 2 panel curtains with stainless steel grommets that slide easily through any 1.5 inch curtain rod.

EASY CLEAN: Machine wash with mild soap in gentle cycle and tumble dry low.

Choose from taupe to teal blue and eight other colors. Transform your windows and sliding doors from simple to stunning by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button to get your own set of HLC.ME Blackout Curtains today!

BLOCKS 100% OF LIGHT: Enjoy uninterrupted sleep or enhanced TV viewing during the day or night with blackout curtain technology which uses three weave layers of high density, polyester fabric into seamless drapes to darken your living room, bedroom, and nursery.

BLOCK NOISE UP TO 40%: Our tri-weave panel curtains muffle sound so you can work in your home office or catch up on sleep after a night shift without unwanted noise from outside. You can entertain guests in the dining room or patio without disturbing neighbors.

REDUCE HEATING AND COOLING COSTS: Make your home energy efficient with thermal curtains that provide insulation by minimizing draft and trapping heat inside during winter. They also keep the summer heat out and prevent your furniture and floor from fading.

PROTECT THE PRIVACY OF YOUR HOME: Blackout curtains for bedrooms let you sleep, dress up, and move around with the ease and comfort that you can't get with sheer curtains. Light-blocking and noise-reducing, they keep you safe from stalkers and eavesdroppers.

STYLE IT CONTEMPORARY WITH GROMMET CURTAINS: These 2 panel curtains have a Damask print in 10 colors, with widths of 37, 52 and 100 inches and lengths of 63, 84, 96, and 108 inches. Slide through any 1.5-inch curtain rod and machine wash with mild soap in a gentle cycle.


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